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Monday, May 23, 2022
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  • Date : Sat Jan 08, 2022
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Preparation of 100 hectares of lands in Payam Special Economic Zone for the establishment of IT companies
The CEO of Payam International Economic Zone and International Airport announced: 100 hectares of land in this area will be prepared with the aim of realizing and developing the national information network for the establishment of production units in the field of ICT and new technologies.

According to the public relations of Payam Special Economic Zone and Payam International Airport, Dr. Nader Sanago Motlagh added: 'Previously, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Payam and the Deputy Minister of Strategic Planning and Supervision to allocate 100 hectares of land in the region.' Establishment of companies in the field of new technologies is one of the topics of this contract that we are implementing.
He added: 'With the establishment of production units in these lands, items such as the annual production of 450,000 smartphones are among the programs that have been assigned to the message according to this memorandum, while considering the infrastructure that is currently in this There is a region, it is possible that the production of smartphones by the production units based on the message will increase.
In another part of his speech, referring to the wide acceptance of investors to settle in this region, especially in recent years, Sanago Motlagh said: 'Considering the message capacities, it is possible that in addition to the region, there are also services to capital at the national level.' Therefore, most of our programs are based on the strategy developed by the Ministry, especially in order to achieve the national information network.
In another part of his speech, he pointed to the increase in the capacity of the aviation department of Payam International Airport on the issue of air trade exchange through this airport and emphasized: One of the issues in this region is the issue of export hubs and import of IT products. We are trying to establish permanent trade and cargo lines to countries between China and the UAE with a message.
The CEO of Payam Special Economic Zone and Payam International Airport further referred to the issue of reviving the capacity of Payam Airlines and said: 'This issue should also be determined on what basis we can revitalize these lines again

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