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Monday, May 23, 2022
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  • Date : Sat Jan 15, 2022
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In cooperation with Payam Special Economic Zone and Alborz Province Silence Organization
The investment process of industry owners is facilitated
The CEO of Payam International Economic Zone and International Airport, referring to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader and the government's policies to support production and industry as much as possible, said: 'One of the most important issues that can accelerate the investment of industrialists Cooperation between the responsible agencies to issue the necessary licenses and facilitate the process of establishing industries in this region ‌ and the province.

According to the public relations of Payam Special Economic Zone and Payam International Airport, Dr. Nader Sanago Motlagh in a meeting with the head of Alborz Industry, Mining and Trade Organization added: 'Currently, Payam Special Economic Zone as the industrial hub of the province has been able to provide appropriate infrastructure We are a growing trend to attract and deploy more than 100 active production units in various fields in this region.

He also referred to the issue of reviving stagnant and semi-stagnant production units in this region and added: in order to remove the obstacles in front of craftsmen and also return these semi-active units to the production cycle, measures have been taken in this region.

Dr. Sanago Motlagh added: 'During the last year, about 10 units in this region returned to the production cycle with measures taken that were semi-active for various reasons. Also, the reactivation of these units provided employment for more than 200 people.'

The CEO of Payam Special Economic Zone emphasized: Facilitating and accelerating the investment process of economic actors is something that should be considered as a principle in the country so that by supporting this sector, we can see a boom in production and employment in the country.

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