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Monday, May 23, 2022
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  • Date : Sun Jan 16, 2022
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Production of ECT products in Payam Special Economic Zone is increasing
Managing Director of Payam Special Economic Zone and International Airport, referring to the existence of large companies producing products in the field of IP. CT in this region stated: Due to the high volume of production by companies based in the message of production of products related to the field of ICT and new technologies in the region is increasing.



According to the public relations of the Special Economic Zone and Payam International Airport, Dr. Nader Sanago Motlagh added: 'The products of these companies are such that today, in addition to meeting the domestic needs of the country, they have put exports to other countries on their agenda.'
He added: 'For this reason, due to the existence of customs and specialized laboratories on the one hand and the benefit of the message from the airport sector, it is possible that manufacturers can sell their products through the existing capacities in the special economic zone and the airport.' Issue messages to target markets.
In another part of his speech, Sanago Motlagh referred to the production of goods related to the field of ICT, including modems, and said: 'Several companies related to this sector are active in the region, where about 250,000 modems are used annually, using the power of local experts.' they produce.
He stated that a large part of these products are distributed in the domestic market: this is while with the products of companies based in Payam, part of the country's needs in relation to the production and distribution of modems is being met.
Sanago Motlagh pointed out that the prospect for the annual production of modems in this region is about 1.5 million units, while in addition to meeting the country's need for modems by companies located in the Special Economic Zone and International Airport Exports to other countries, including North Africa, have also been made by these production units.
He stated that the first priority of modem production units located in the Special Economic Zone and International Airport is to meet the domestic needs of the country: this is while the development of infrastructure, which is currently being done seriously in this region. In addition to establishing more companies in this field and increasing production capacity, we will see the growth of exports of this product to other countries.
The CEO of Payam International Special Economic Zone and Airport continued by pointing out that this region has become one of the most important centers of new technology: the establishment of knowledge-based companies and on the other hand the intelligent management of these companies with the aim of increasing the share of the economy Digital is one of the most important programs in the country that is being targeted and implemented in the region.

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