Payam Aviation Services Company was formed upon the agreement between the Iranian Telecommunication Company and Iran Post to facilitate the post and telecommunications services. The history of Payam airport dates back to the late 1980s. This company began its activity since 1990 entitled as aviation services center for providing air services, transportation, freight distribution, postal commodities, and helicopter services to impracticable places under different atmospheric conditions and support the operations of development, approval, and maintenance of telecommunications and postal facilities in Iran. Due to the status of the company and its adjacency with Tehran, the cabinet designated 3600 hectares of Payam airport lands to a special economic zone according to an Article approved in July 2003. Based on the tasks included charter and the potential of the rule in the special zone as well as the current facilities, the activities of the company are divided into four areas of airport services, airline messages, special economic zone, and post hub. At present 100% of the company is owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Post Company and is completely state owned

The missions of Payam special economic zone 
In addition to the missions designated to the company in 2011, establishing the green industry and processing the imports and exports in Payam special economic zone were raised and added to the previous tasks. 

The area of Payam special economic zone
Payam special economic zone was established in an area of 3600 hectares in 10,000 hectare lands of Payam international airport in Alborz province

 The purpose of establishing Payam special economic zone
The purpose of establishing this special economic zone was air freight and postal transportation, commodities processing, warehousing, refrigerated services, ICT industries, and export.

The transit situation of Payam special economic zone
The small distance from Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone to Tehran, the existence of numerous industrial towns in Alborz province, Tehran province, Qazvin province, and the intersection of 13 provinces in the north and northwest provided an appropriate situation for Payam special economic zone for export and import. 
Payam airport and special economic zone are used for freight transit, information and communication technology, commercial transportation and post for developing ICT industries in Iran. 

The advantages of Payam special economic zone
  The location of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone on the national railway path and the establishment of the first three-way rail and airway terminal highlighted Payam zone from other special economic zones. The proximity of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone to the science and technology centers located in Tehran and Alborz is another reason for establishing knowledge-based companies and creating the information and communications technology corridor in this zone. 
The presence of about 25 million people at the adjacency of Payam Aviation Services and Special Economic Zone highlighted Payam from other areas of the country in terms of human geography. In addition, the presence of experts in Tehran and Alborz provinces in the field of knowledge-based companies and ICT facilitated the mission of Payam in achieving the defined goals. 
Payam special economic zone has all the required facilities for exporting and importing commodities. Passport police, customs office, commercial unit window, standard office, and bank are among the agencies providing service in Payam special economic zone. 
There is currently a special economic area of 200 hectares the comprehensive plan of which was approved in 2001. Based on this comprehensive plan, there are three industrial phases including the first phase of 40 hectares, the second phase of 56 hectares, and the third phase of 18 hectares. 

Air missions
The initial missions of Payam airport are freight providing services to all countries and regions. This airport can replace the Mehrabad airport and Imam Khomeini airport in case of an emergency. Moreover, an aircraft and helicopter repair center is located in Payam zone. 
Payam is considered as the largest air technics and services training center in Iran and currently there are about ten pilot training centers in Payam providing general aviation services, amusement flights and helicopter services. 
The runway length is 4150 meters and its width is 60 meters. The runway resistance is 75 pcm which is one of the best runways in Iran and can accept a wide range of wide-body aircrafts.
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